Lina Gaydarova Director, Investment Development

Lina Gaydarova

Everything we do involves constant testing and optimizing.

I enjoy fostering relationships with founders and discovering unique software businesses. I’m a curious person who’s always trying to figure out how to cultivate growth within B2B software. It’s one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work at T/R.

While studying economics at UC Irvine, I wrote my honors thesis on the impact of scandals on publicly traded companies. That research piqued my interest in the technology market, and led me to start my career in buy-side advisory for tech and consumer. I then pivoted to source B2B SaaS at a tech fund, which broadened my curiosity in understanding the strategy behind scaling a software business. That’s when I came to Turn/River.

At T/R, I leverage our unique operational focus to source and evaluate new investment opportunities, and understand the best approach to growth for the businesses that become our partners.

The operational expertise of our team is one of T/R’s main differentiators. Everything we do involves constant testing and optimizing. The whole team works together, strategizing on all fronts, regardless of how busy we may be. Our collaborative work culture informs our approach to investing—placing emphasis on pairing exceptional human capital with financial capital. 

In my free time, I enjoy eating sushi, spending time with family and friends, going on long walks with my dog, Lily, and doing pilates.




University of California, Irvine

Prior Experience

OpenGate Capital 

Bainbridge Capital